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10 Home improvement ideas that may add value to your home

Updated: Jun 9

If you're considering selling your home or making necessary improvements, there are straightforward techniques you can employ to achieve optimal outcomes. Whether it's adding some additional space or enhancing your garden, these uncomplicated home improvement projects demonstrate that you can enhance your home's appeal and boost its value without breaking the bank.

Erect a garden room

With the sudden surge in working from home, having an outdoor garden room with electricity can apparently boost your home's value by about 5%, , and in most cases there's no need to worry about planning permission, unless you reside in a fancy schmancy listed building or a designated area !

Move the boiler

Consider upgrading your old or unreliable heating system before selling your home. Relocating the new boiler to the loft, or utility room can also free up space and improve hot water demand.

Reinstall a bathtub

So, like, some folks are all about quick showers instead of a nice long soak in the tub. But hey, check it out - according to some estate agents, a lot of people have lost interest when they find out a place doesn't have a bathtub. It's a must-have in a bathroom, especially for families with kids who need their bath time fix every day.

Fix that fencing

If your front garden fence is looking a bit tired, it might be the first thing folks notice when they come to view your place. So, if it's seen better days, it's probably a good idea to spruce it up.

Ugly, damaged, or worn-out fence panels can bring down the value of your home. Luckily, replacing them won't break the bank - it's like treating yourself to a nice lunch out. It's a simple and affordable way to give your garden a makeover and boost your home's curb appeal.

Get the decorators in

Buyers usually don't like it when a house has outdated décor. If your wallpaper is peeling or your bathroom tiles are looking a bit dull, don't worry! Just by getting some new colours with a fresh coat of paint, you can completely change the look of your home. If you bring in a decorator to help you with any visible problems, you can showcase your property in the best way possible. BUT remember, keep it simple so that potential buyers can picture the space as their own.

Add a downstairs cloakroom

Putting a toilet downstairs on the ground floor is really handy these days and pretty much a must-have in most houses. Whether it's a clever space under the stairs, a cool upgrade to the utility room, or a new addition in a previously unused space...., having a cloakroom is something lots of buyers want.

Utilise bedroom space

Ever wondered why the number of bedrooms in a house is such a big deal? Well, according to the experts having an extra bedroom could pump up your property's value by a whopping 11%!

So, if you've got a spare room gathering dust and cobwebs, it's time to unleash its potential and transform it into a cozy extra bedroom.

Say goodbye to the clutter, throw in a bed, and voilà - you've just upgraded your home sweet home! More bedrooms mean more buyers knocking on your door, so get ready to charm a wider audience with your newly pimped-up pad!

Convert your loft

Got a loft big enough to fit a small elephant? Well, why not turn it into a cozy bedroom, bathroom or study?

Sure, converting an loft is no walk in the park (more like a hike up a steep mountain), but apparently, according to some fancy study, slapping on an extra bedroom and bathroom up there can pump up your home's price tag by a jaw-dropping 21%! Cha-ching!

Add a Conservatory

Who said adding a conservatory has to break the bank? Not us! In fact, it's like a magic trick - poof! - and suddenly your property is worth more, around 11% more to be exact. And let's not forget the extra sunshine flooding in through all that glazing, turning your home into a cozy sun-soaked paradise that will make buyers weak at the knees. Who knew a conservatory could be so seductive?

Build an extension

It turns out that the average asking price per square metre of a house in the UK has skyrocketed by a whopping 19% in just five years! So, if you're thinking of expanding your humble abode, you might just hit the jackpot. Adding a new bedroom or turning your kitchen into a swanky kitchen-diner is like sprinkling magic fairy dust on your property – watch that asking price climb higher and higher!

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