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Busy old day

This week has started well and I've hit the ground running with a job thats has lots of elements to it. The house that I'm working in is another one of those new builds were you know that things aren't going to be as easy as they should be. On arrival I'm met by my client and we start to walk through the various jobs that need to be completed today.

There quite a few odd jobs which shouldn't take that long to complete - but we all know where 'should' takes us !!

First off is to replace one external light with two PIR wall lights, next is to replace the light by the front door with a PIR light. With the outside taken care off it then it's into the kitchen to fit some under counter lighting and an extractor fan and moving swiftly into the living room to fit a string of down lighters.

About now is a good time for a customary toilet, which is handy as this is where I'm fitting more down lights and an extractor fan. Lastly we move onwards and upwards to the first floor en-suite bathroom which needs more lights and an extractor fan fitting. To finish the day off we also have a small investigation to carry out to find out why the shaver socket isn't working.

I was feeling jolly pleased with myself as I started to take of the face plate of the share socket and even allowed myself to think that it's amazing just how much you can fit into a day

... and then.... boom .... just when everything goes to plan, that dasterly fickle finger of fate taps me on the shoulder and whispers in my ear " your going to have fun with this one"

So here's the problem, somewhere within the finely finished walls of this nice new house is threaded the cable to the shaver socket, which after running a few test I now find out that I have to replace as there is a break in it somewhere. I've disconnected both ends and gently pulled at it to see if I can just pull a new cable through... but Oh no, that would be to easy.

The only option left to me now is to open up as few inspection holes as I can in the wall and drop in the new cabling that way.

So one easy day turns into two, just like that. Not good for me and not good for the client, but these things happen and I can only hope that after the work is done that my lovely client sees the bright side. I did try my best by mentioning that "she should look on the bright, at least you'll be able to have a shave in the morning"

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