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Posative Mental Attitude

It's easy to get frustrated when you've put a special offer on and no one interacts. It's really annoying when you have sent off a few quotes or have a few clients in the pipeline and then they fall off the face of the planet... And it's very easy to think "what's wrong with people?!" I hear it a lot. I see it a lot. And I've thought it myself. Especially with the previous business I was running.

But once you get in that negative place of criticising your potential customers, feeling sorry for yourself, and giving up putting any energy into your business because "no one cares" and "they can't see how amazing my services/products are", it's hard to crawl out of this spiral.

I've learnt this time round and especially after having seen a couple of other peeps make this mistake, that YOU ATTRACT EXACTLY WHAT YOU PUT OUT.

The words you use, the energy you put into your business, the way you communicate with the world around you about what you do, your attitude towards people will all have a DIRECT impact on your business!

A positive mindset is not only more healthy for you and your wellbeing but for your business too.

Start by changing your negative statements into positive ones. For example: " can't believe so and so never got back to me" to "I'm so grateful I got a new lead and did my best at selling my services" Or, keep a notepad at the side of your bed and write 3 things you were grateful for TODAY. Set a new habit today and change your life.

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