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Something for nothing

When I set up ICOL Property Maintenance Ltd my main driver was being able to say I was my own boss and to be able to choose what I did and who I helped along the way.

That's still true today, however I have also learnt that you have to be able to give something back at the same time as taking this freedom. Thats why I started to offer one day a month to give free help to people that could not afford to pay for repairs and maintenance. These jobs are normally very small and would normally cost very little to complete, however anyone in business themselves would have to charge quite a lot of money.

This month I was fortunate enough to be able to complete a little home improvement work and help a friend put up a T.V bracket on their wall, followed by some electrical work when I visited a lovely elderly lady that was desperate to have a security light fitted by her front door to give her some piece of mind.

For me it was a few hours donated to help others and I really do think that it's these little things that help balance life

Outside PIR light fitted for security
Outside PIR light

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