Tips to prepare for home renovations,

Updated: Jun 9

Anyone that has thought about home improvements will be imagining the final outcome and have a mental picture of what this will look like, which is exciting. But very few people have considered the journey to get to the finishing line and are not prepared for what is to come. However, with the right preparation getting through this can help make your renovation project proceed as smoothly as possible.

Use these tips to prepare for home renovations,

· Do Your Homework

Take some time to research not just the products needed, but also the people you will be using for the job. When you’re ready talk to your contractor and understand the process he is going to take so that you know what’s going to be involved.

· Create a Home Renovation Budget

Once you have are ready to begin your home improvement project, knowing what you have to spend and what the project is likely to cost is the next step. Contact at least three contractors and ask them to provide a written quote for the work that you need completing. This will give you what you need to create a budget that should include materials, products, and labour costs. Always remember to set aside extra funds for any unexpected expenses.

· Determine a Timeline for completing the job

No one wants their home to be a building site for months on end, but remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day – any renovation project takes time, so try and be realistic about the timeline for your project. Again speaking to your contractor will help with this and they should be able to give you an estimated completion date, but again allow room to adjust this timeline as this will allow for any unforeseen hold ups.

· Make Room to Work

Before work begins move any belongings or furniture out of the way. Clear off shelves and countertops, and empty closets and cabinets in the work area. This will make sure that any prized possession is safe and out of the way and always could same you time and money as you’ll be paying your contractor to do this little job otherwise. Also make sure that all doors are closed and that the contractor will cover anything that’s left with a dust sheet to help protect it. For bigger jobs consider renting a storage unit can to provide a safe space for your belongings.

· Talk to you contractor

As soon as the renovation project starts make sure that you communicate with your contractor. Let them know when you see something that you don’t like, to allow them to correct the problem. Talk to them about progress and budget to remove any nasty surprises. The general rule of thumb here is that the contractor isn’t a mind reader, so if something is bothering you don’t be afraid to speak up and tell them.

Any work carried out in your home can be stressful and tiring, as it will disrupt to your daily routine Being properly prepared for any renovation projects sets you up for success and helps make your vision of the final outcome a reality.


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