A chance to help others

When people ask me why I decided to set up my own business I normally them the age-old reasons that everyone gives..... to be my own boss, make my own decisions, earn my own money and 'be the master of my own destiny'.

But when I really think about why I did it, it was to be able to make a difference to other peoples lives and help them when they needed it most. To be in a position where I could give back something when I could.

And what was more surprising was that I actually didn't care about getting paid to do it. How stupid is that - set up your own business and not care about money !!

So when I started to write my business plan, in big bold letter was written CHARITABLE DONATIONS and under it was listed all of the charities I wanted to support... a big tick in the box for me and job done !!

But then I started to really think about how I could help and that's when I came up with the notion of taking one or two days out to do small jobs for people that just couldn't afford to have the work done. The jobs I'm talking about were little things like a dripping tap, a broken light fitting, some loose tiles or door handles or some well overdue decorating.

Two years later and I still have the same business plan and what's more I can finally say I have found that dream job where I look forward to going to work and coming home with the feeling that what I did really was important.

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