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New Kitchen Project

ICOL Property Maintenance Ltd has been working hard over the last four days, after being contacted by our new client who had taken out their old kitchen to reveal some pretty major issues.

When I took this project on the client wanted to try and save as much money as possible as they only had a small budget, but they still wanted to try and get a professional finish to their new kitchen which they felt they couldn't achieve themselves.

We met up one afternoon and started to talking through the work step by step and I suggested that one way of making some significant savings would be if they could take on some of the work themselves - sounds obvious but the client had not considered this.

So after visiting to shut off the water, gas and electrics I left them to strip out the old kitchen units and worktops. A few days later I received a very enthusiastic call from them saying that everything was now cleared out. They had enjoyed themselves so much that they were keen to try and take on some more work - so the next obvious choice was the tiling that they also wanted to replace, and after another little pep talk on how to go about this off they went !!

A few hours later I got a rather panicked phone call from... the tiles were off but so was half the wall as well !!!

Pictures were sent and it turns out that the previous kitchen walls had been plasterboard over brick and the tile adhesive had certainly done its job. Picking up the phone once more I explained that they hadn't done anything wrong and that it would be a pretty easy fix and that maybe it was time for me to come in and take over the work.

The next day I started the next phase of the work and having repaired the plasterboard and rectifying the other electrical and gas issues which were uncovered, I went about installing the new kitchen base cabinets, wall units, Minerva worktop, cooker, hob and sink.

With all of this completed I had another discussion with the client and went through what was left to do and they said that because I had given them some confidence about doing the initial work that they were more than happy to try and continue their home project and finish off the remaining work to this kitchen.

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